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Rounded Breadsticks Taralli with cereals

Rounded Breadsticks Taralli with cereals

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A multigrain twist on classic Taralli, these authentic Italian nibbles are made by a tiny bakery from exceptional Apulian ingredients — including soft wheat, white wine, extra virgin olive oil and an abundance of grains and seeds. The result is a delicious pre-dinner nibble with an almost biscuit-like texture and delicious nutty notes.

This taralli are made by Granarte, a bakery based in the picturesque town of Monopoli, in Puglia.

Central to Granarte's offerings are their renowned taralli. Made with premium ingredients such as their own extra virgin olive oil and white wine, these savoury snacks encapsulate the essence of Puglia cuisine.

"All our products are handmade by my mother and myself, ensuring that no two pieces are alike," the founder Mr Martino Sgobba emphasises. "Our recipes are rooted in family tradition, dating back centuries. When you taste our products, you're transported to the rustic charm of the Apulian countryside, with its aromas of sun-drenched wheat fields and the simplicity of Mediterranean cuisine."

What sets Granarte apart is their unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and quality.

This is an excellent tasty and healthy snack.

Ingredients: type 00 soft WHEAT flour, mixture of seeds (SESAME, sunflower, flax), SPELT flakes, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, SULPHITES, salt.

What are taralli?

Taralli are a traditional Italian snack originating from the region of Puglia, in Southern Italy. These are small, crunchy, ring-shaped crackers made from flour, water, white wine, and extra virgin olive oil, often flavoured with either seeds or spices. After being shaped into rings, they are boiled briefly in water before being baked until golden.

Taralli can vary in size and texture (big are called "taralli", small are called "tarallini", and they are enjoyed as a snack alongside wine, cheese, or any aperitif. They come in various flavours as well as plain.

How do Italians eat taralli?

Taralli are crunchy little knots of snacking goodness. They are an unleavened crispy cross between a bagel, pretzel, and breadstick. These no-yeast, ring-shaped bread substitutes are perfect for your cheese boards, soups, or salads. Many prefer to eat them simply plain. Italian restaurants love to serve them in the bread basket.

Weight: 400 gr.

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