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Granarte Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml

Granarte Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Coratina olives hand-picked and cold pressed on a family-run single estate in Apulia, South Italy.

500ml - Superior quality

Puglia's extra virgin olive oil maintains its esteemed reputation globally, thanks to the dedication and expertise of local producers. The unique combination of climatic conditions and soil composition in the region has historically favoured the cultivation of olive trees, resulting in the production of exceptionally high-quality oil. Granarte Extra Virgin Olive Oil presents a robust fruity flavour with hints of freshly cut grass, followed by a subtle, mildly bitter, and spicy finish.

Its exceptional quality has earned admiration from consumers both domestically and internationally, often finding its place in gourmet cuisine.

Granarte extra virgin olive oil boasts significant health benefits, owing to its richness in antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids. Various scientific studies have demonstrated the potential of extra virgin olive oil to reduce the risk of cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, and certain cancers.

For instance, Granarte Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sourced entirely from Coratina olives, epitomises purity and freshness. It is meticulously crafted from handpicked olives in Altamura, with pressing taking place merely two hours post-harvest.

Exhibiting an intense and intricate flavour profile, characterised by vegetal aromas and a distinct green tomato essence, this oil showcases pronounced spicy notes with a well-balanced bitterness, indicative of its distinct character.

To fully savour its exceptional qualities and high polyphenol content, it is recommended to enjoy this oil in its raw state. Pair it with crusty bread, legumes, salad or vegetable soups to experience its full potential.

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