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Severino Becagli

Severino Becagli Spiruday7- Single-dose dried spirulina powder-7 days - 7 sachets of 3gr. each

Severino Becagli Spiruday7- Single-dose dried spirulina powder-7 days - 7 sachets of 3gr. each

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Single-dose dried spirulina powder.

Organic. Vegan.

Made in Italy by Severino Becagli.

Spirulina Powder is a superfood that can effectively counteract tiredness and exhaustion. The high protein content provides satiating properties, useful for those who want to follow a controlled diet, without affecting the lean mass.

Spirulina is filtered, dried and ground to perfection, in order to preserve all the organoleptic properties. This stick format is hygienic, comfortable and very practical for daily use. Add spirulina powder to fruit extracts, smoothies and drinks of all kinds.

Spiruday7 contains 7 sachets of 3gr. each.

Spiruday is a practical and hygienic single-dose 3g pack of spirulina in powder, easy to use and convenient to always carry with you.

It is a powerful food suitable for everyone, it gives a lot of energy and is particularly suitable for:

– Periods of intense intellectual activity or psycho-physical stress

– To fight inflammation and allergic phenomena, thanks to the gamma linolenic acid that Spirulina is rich in

– Keep bad cholesterol and blood pressure under control

– Integrate vegetarian and vegan diets

Directions for use: The recommended dose is 3 grams per day, which correspond to one sachet per day.

The optimal quantity depends on several factors, such as eating habits, lifestyle, metabolism and pre-established objectives, which vary according to the subject. For those who practice intense physical activity, the daily dose may be higher, but be careful to increase your daily water intake. Spiruday is ideal for those who want to take spirulina daily. This practical, hygienic and simple format can be used in many ways: in addition to fruit extracts and smoothies or yoghurt, as a condiment or in addition to energy drinks.

Production and Shipping: The Spirulina collected at Severino Becagli plant is filtered and dried in sterile environments. The drying temperature is kept below 45 ° C in order not to compromise its quality. It is packaged in practical single-dose sticks, easy to carry with you and to use at various times of the day.

Storage: Store away from direct sunlight, in a dry place and preferably consume within 36 months from the packaging date.

Organic. Vegan.


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