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Pasta Morelli

Pack of 10 Morelli linguine, tagliolini, fettuccine and mafalde pasta with wheat germ

Pack of 10 Morelli linguine, tagliolini, fettuccine and mafalde pasta with wheat germ

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Produced with top quality Tuscan durum wheat semolina and wheat germ, processed using artisanal methods, Morelli pasta with wheat germ release an amazing, distinctive fragrance during cooking.

250 gr. serves three people.

The Wheat Germ is rich in vitamins and vegetable proteins. The wheat germ is part of the wheat’s grain, rich of nourishing active ingredients.

Pastificio Morelli creates pasta with an extraordinary and unmistakable flavor. They cut and hang the pasta by hand, then air-dries each shape over 36 hours.

This pack contains 10 pieces of flavoured mixed pasta:

- Linguine ("little tongues") is a type of pasta that is long, flat, and narrow, similar to spaghetti but flat and wider. 

- Tagliolini is a type of pasta that is long, thin, and flat, similar to linguine but narrower. The name "tagliolini" is derived from the Italian word "tagliare," meaning "to cut," which refers to the method of making this pasta by cutting thin strips.

- Fettuccine is a type of pasta that is long, flat, and ribbon-like in shape. The name "fettuccine" comes from the Italian word "fettuccia," meaning "little ribbons" or "small bands."

- Mafalde is a type of pasta that is characterized by its long, wide, and flat ribbon-like shape with rippled edges. The name "Mafalde" is believed to be a reference to Princess Mafalda of Savoy, who lived in the early 20th century.

The pack contains:

1 x Morelli Saffron linguine pasta 250 gr.

1 x Fennel and wheat germ linguine pasta - 250 gr.

1 x Morelli Garlic and Basil Linguine Pasta with wheat germ 250 gr.

1 x Morelli Red chilli pepper linguine pasta with wheat germ 250 gr.

1 x Protein pasta- Morelli Linguine pasta with hemp seed flour 250 gr.

1 x Morelli Green Olives Fettuccine pasta with wheat germ 250 gr.

1 x Morelli Tomato Tagliolini Pasta - 250 gr.

1 x Morelli Tagliolini pasta with nettle and wheat germ - gr- 250

1 x Morelli Tricolor Linguine pasta - gr. 250

1 x Morelli Mafalde Ricciolina pasta with double wheat germ and fiber 250 gr.


Pasta with wheat germ is the spearhead of Pastificio Morelli.

The Antico Pastificio Morelli 1860 is the only producer in the world of this variety of pasta that takes full advantage of the virtues and benefits of wheat germ: the heart of the grain that has always been discarded in the food industry. In fact, during grinding, the highly perishable wheat germ (it decays in 48 hours) is removed from the grain to facilitate the conservation of the flour.

Pastificio Morelli has instead devised a process by which it is able to reinsert it into the dough. The wheat germ gives a more intense aroma and flavour to the pasta, it sublimates all its qualities.

During cooking, a marked smell of wheat is released and the water is slightly tinged with green. This is absolutely normal.

To really enjoy any wheat germ pasta format it at its best, simply season them with any of your favourite sauces. In our site, you have plenty of vegan pasta sauces and plenty of cheesy pasta sauces.

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