Nude Yoga Girl

  • 16 July 2020
  • Written by: The Secret Sanctum Team

Nude Yoga Girl

Who is Nude Yoga Girl?

All we known about Nude Yoga Girl is that she is English, from Essex. Everything else can only be supposed.
She was discovered back in 2015 by Les Cahiers – Fashion Marketing, the glorious fashion business magazine now shuttered down, that brought her to the attention of international fashion magazines and a huge audience of aesthetes. Since then, Nude Yoga Girl has made a brilliant career.
On Instagram  she hit 1,2 mln followers and it’s no small thing for a celebrity whose name is not even known.
Breathtaking physique, unmatched sinuosity, Nude Yoga Girl is photographed completely naked in the most magical places on the planet, in complex yoga poses.



Yoga Art

She launched several projects. On her website it’s possible to buy museum quality prints that portray her in amazing poses. The yoga art pieces ranges from 100 to 180 pounds.



Nuda sisters

Her new project is Nuda Sisters. The name makes it clear that it is reserved for women only. Yoginis from all over the world can ask Nude Yoga Girl to be photographed with her. That’s the sisterhood in Yoga and aesthetics.





That’s the sisterhood in Yoga and aesthetics.

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