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  • 7 January 2021
  • Written by: The Secret Sanctum Team

Picture by Lukas Bieri da Pixabay

Our system

The Secret Sanctum is the leading independent reference point for influencer marketing in the sector of critical, conscious, sustainable consumption.

We leave all the entrepreneurial and decision-making autonomy to our content creators and do not bind them to any exclusivity: they are free to work with all the brands they want.

We have created the perfect environment, a real ecosystem, in which companies and real people can thrive through efficiency, quality, transparency and truth.

We are facilitators of connection between brand and creator, we are arbiter. It’s our job to dictate the rules of the game so that Companies and Creators look at each other with respect, without the logic of exploitation in one sense or another.

We help companies and creators to be fully true to themselves.

Furthermore, our business must be seen from a broader perspective than the pure influencer marketing service. Our project, through the creators’ megaphone, facilitates people’s lives, supports local economies, promotes healthy and conscious lifestyles.


What we believe in

We believe in an influencer marketing made up of real people, professionals, authentic people, with proven healthy, passionate, dedicated lifestyles, who have established a real dialogue with their followers.

Sponsored, increasingly tied to the big agencies, linked to global press offices, paid to express opinions they don’t believe in, the top influencers have lost all their credibility and authenticity.

Who is more credible than a vegan consumer for promoting vegan products? Who is more credible than a celiac consumer to promote gluten-free products? Who is more credible than a chef to elaborate a new recipe?

Who are our creators?

  1. Real, authentic, credible people
  2. Consumers with healthy, ethical and conscious lifestyles
  3. Doctors
  4. Nutritionists
  5. Dietitians and dieticians
  6. Chefs
  7. Moms
  8. Instructors of yoga, ayurvedic practices, reiki practices, pilates….
  9. Naturopaths
  10. Homeopaths
  11. Healthy lifestyle sector journalists and writers
  12. Wellness professionals
  13. Holistic, positive vibes and spirituality professionals…
  14. Vegan, flexitarian, organic, specialty food bloggers


The benefits for our creators

Our creators operate in a clean, real, healthy, highly specialized ecosystem, populated only by brands, creators and consumers attuned to their same line of thinking.

That produces countless benefits for the creators themselves:

  1. Long-lasting opportunities for networking and relationships, both human and professional.
  2. The negotiation with the brands is yours, yours the choice to accept the job or not.
  3. Amplification of your audience. Joining our network will allow you to reach a community that will reach thousands of people over time. We have the ambition to create the largest community in the world dedicated to people who promote healthy lifestyles.
  4. You are free to use your creativity, the page is yours and you decide the contents.
  5. You will come into physical contact with other creators and brands. We will organize networking sessions and exclusive events.
  6. Joining our network has no cost, you will never have to buy anything.


Over the time we have built a wonderful team of content creators.

Do you want to be part of it too? Read carefully our TSS CREATOR Terms and Conditions document, sign it, fill the form that you will find inside and send everything back to us (more information inside the document). We can’t wait for you to join us!



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