Analytics and bigData: highlights related to the Italian Market

  • 10 February 2017
  • Written by: The Secret Sanctum Team


Milan’s Politecnico Observatories (#Polimi) represent an expert point of reference for digital innovation in Italy. Recently they have completed an engaging cycle of workshops on Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence focusing on a sample of big & medium-sized Italian Companies and I had the chance to participate. One of the most interesting activities was a Business Game, where all partecipants were asked to exchange information about particular issues and planned activities related to Big Data.

And so what did we learn? Analytics are a precious tool to manage and forecast strategic changes. Here are the main highlights related to Italy:

  • An increasing trend going from Business Intelligence to Big Data is confirmed: it is not just a matter whether to buy or to develop inhouse Analysis tools. Once again the user experience is important, the way the company, as a whole organization accesses results;
  • Analytics Systems and Projects are based on tests, continuous monitoring, adjustments and calls to action to improve models, methods and tools;
  • Company culture, awareness and interests towards Big Data, expecially when Top Management is concerned, are key factors to a project’s success;
  • Change Management is not only a continuous process, it is challenging at each level of the project, but the real challenge is to let final users understand how strategic Data value is;
  • Starting from “Big Data Lakes,” once “Skimming Data Operations” have been completed and common objectives, common wording and agile approach are well defined and/or adopted, the process is more fluid and it is easier to identify next steps and needs;
  • Cross-functional teams are a smart move; we know there’s a big lack in terms of job-skills and competencies related to Data Analysis and sometimes business models that seem technically perfect are not functional at customer level;
  • #IOT e #IOP have to merge in the right way and this is really strategic to companies in order to be able to reach peak efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, customer retention e customized advertising: i.e. winning situation are those were you have a smart combination of sensors, smartphones e geolocalization that work well together.

In conclusion, as already highlighted during the previous Big Data Conference held at Milan’s Politecnico in November 2016, now companies have a stronger and stronger need for technologically advanced analytics systems to help them to work more efficiently and effectively so to optimize their digital investments. 


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