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The Secret Sanctum is an innovative and cutting-edge company that offers marketing and communication services in the sustainable consumption sector.

  1. We own a marketing software able to offer our customers personalized and non-generic services.
  2. We are a strategy and operations consulting firm.
  3. We publish a magazine with the aim of disseminating information useful to the entrepreneurial decision-making process.


The Secret Sanctum undisputed strength is the constant professional training of its team and the ability to follow societal, technological and consumer evolution in real-time.
Without hesitating, TSS follows and puts into practice new marketing paradigms: co-creation, experiential marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, open-source marketing, engagement and accountability. It also uses a number of performance measuring systems (marketing metrics: evaluating marketing ROI, reputation analysis…)

Operative mode

TSS’ mode of operation is extremely innovative. In fact, our professionals do not interpret marketing as a tool used simply to promote a brand, but take a step back and look at it from a marketing intelligence perspective that incorporates a company’s entire structure: from the product to the consumer, through the commercial.
The marketer becomes the “glue” between the product and the sales process and the “guarantor” of the companies strategic decisions.

Our promise

The activities carried out by our marketing professionals ensure our customers: respect for the company’s values and vision, a well-developed brand strategy and a vitally essential coordinated image, storytelling and content at all levels.

We are brand purveyor: we help our clients in every step of their growth, providing them with an effective contribution to increase their sales margin.

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