TSS Multifunctional Space: a retail and a culinary haven in Bankside

TSS Multifunctional Space: a retail and a culinary haven in Bankside

We are elated to introduce our latest marketing project, The Secret Sanctum Multifunctional Space, an avant-garde and innovative initiative poised to reshape the retailing and gastronomic experience in the vibrant district of Bankside, London.

We extend a cordial invitation to British and international small businesses, believing that in unity lies strength, to join us in this revolution!


The perfect setting

Nestled in the historic London Borough of Bankside, our chosen location boasts a rich cultural tapestry. Set against the backdrop of the River Thames, with iconic landmarks like the Tate Modern Gallery, The Shard, and Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, Bankside provides the ideal canvas for our retail odyssey. Borough Market, a hub of artisanal delights, and charming pubs like the 17th-century George Inn add to the allure of this culinary haven.

Bankside's educated, cultured, and food-loving community is our target audience—a community eager to immerse themselves in new, unparalleled experiences.


Not just another dining establishment

Our multifunctional space is designed as a creative forge, a collaborative platform for brands sharing values and targets, aimed at expanding their sales horizons.


Innovation unleashed.

The Secret Sanctum introduces a revolutionary business model, a fusion of the fashion showroom concept with the culinary world. Here, scenography takes center stage, accentuating the importance of product narration (Where this product comes from? What territory? Who is the people behind the brand? What are the distinctive qualities of the product?...), tastings, and a dedicated contextual experience that captivates and seduces.


A collective endeavor

Contrary to misconceptions, The Secret Sanctum is investing a substantial £ 790,000 in the store. We want to assure our partners that we are not collecting funds; rather, we are inviting brands to be part of a collective vision that goes beyond the ordinary.

This project is a collective endeavor where brands come together to create a hybrid and liquid dimension, blurring the lines between offline and online channels, products and services, experience and purchase.


A hub of services

Within our showroom, all our business divisions converge to support customers comprehensively—import and marketing, distribution and sales, communication and promotion, product storytelling and education. This consolidation fosters collaboration, strategy sharing, idea exchange, creativity, sociability, and heightened productivity for the collective benefit.


Innovative features

The physical store boasts specialised zones, avoiding the generic in favour of marketing effectiveness. The 'WOW effect' is achieved through an unusual layout, grouping products by brand to enhance brand awareness and market presence. The Secret Sanctum transcends the conventional retail experience, blending sales, experience, and storytelling seamlessly.


A marketing package for growth

For our partners, we offer an exclusive marketing package dedicated to brand growth. This includes a dedicated space, product line exclusivity, showcooking events, brand inclusion in our restaurant, educational sessions, private events, a shooting area, and online sales with home delivery—a comprehensive approach for brand elevation.


Join the retail revolution

The Secret Sanctum is not just a space; it's a gastronomic journey, a fusion of creativity, taste, and brands storytelling.

We invite small businesses to join us in this revolution, where unity becomes the strength that propels us all forward.

This avant-garde project represents a unique expressive language, reinforcing your brand awareness and providing a space that is both a permanent exhibition and an experiential hub.

The immersive experience we offer transcends the visual and olfactory, extending to the very essence of taste.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to redefine gastronomic experiences in Bankside and beyond. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to shape your business's future. Contact us now for detailed floor plans, cost breakdowns, timing and information on the remaining available spaces. Elevate your venture with the perfect space tailored to your needs. Seize the moment—your success begins with a simple inquiry.

Savor the anticipation, savor the extraordinary.

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