Romantic Dinner Menu for your vegan Valentine

Romantic Dinner Menu for your vegan Valentine

Skip the restaurants this year and whip up a delicious and romantic dinner for two for you and your valentine at home instead.

Not a chef? Don’t worry, we got you.

Everyone loves being cooked for, and remember, it’s the thought that counts.

Stick with our very easy menu and your date will love the thoughtful gesture of a memorable home cooked meal.

Our romantic Valentine's Day dinner menu is perfect for falling in love.

It starts with a tasty cocktail and shared appetizers then moves onto the prettiest and easiest main course and a dessert that is all about love. This Valentine's Day dinner menu has it all.

You'll notice that many of the dishes are perfect for sharing and that the menu is light but satisfying, so you'll have plenty of energy after dinner 😊

Drinks: Try a Cherry kombucha, a Bramley Elederflower kombucha, a Nettle and Rosehip kombucha or an Organic Ginger kombucha (they are brilliant mixer too).

The menu begins with some salty bites. This is our idea of sexy food: salty and a little bit spicy.

A touch of chilli pepper to spread wherever you like, artichokes hearts in oil, olives, nuts, dried tomatoes in oil. Place them as they are in serving plates. No need to cook.

Continue with truffle sauce to be spread on crackers. 

The main course features pretty (but easy to make!) ready to make risotto that you can cook with your loved one.

And finally, if you're able to restrain yourself after all the talking, laughing, flirting and eating, is a dessert made with Stroopwafel and fresh strawberries.


Happy Valentine's Day!


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