A very special Italian Aperitivo

A very special Italian Aperitivo

It serves 6 people.

Aperitivo is the time when you catch up with friends while sipping a drink and nibbling on appetisers. It's perfect for your upcoming parties!

It’s after work, it’s before cinema, before dinner, before a party, before a dinner party. Very often it is the dinner party.

Every good aperitivo has something alcoholic to drink. The aperitivos range from a glass of wine to prosecco to vermouth to cocktails (Spritz for example) to beer, but some new generation mindful drinks are even better. They are brilliant mixer too.

The range of the food is gloriously broad, from vegan cheese to myriad of bruschettas to fresh veggies, nuts and crisps.

Aperitivos are a casual affair, no one needs to be stuck in the kitchen or behind the bar. No cooking is required. You’re buying food to be nicely placed on serving plates.

Do you know where to start?

These are a few ideas for a quick, tasty, unusual and luxury aperitif at home to amaze your friends and conquer many compliments.

Vegan cheese

Any kind of cashewbert, camemvert, diary free cheddar, gondino...to be paired with caramelised figs with balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI and truffles.


Stefania Calugi Sauce with truffle to be spread on crackers or toasted bread.


Vegan mayonnaise with spirulina will not disappoint your non-vegan friends! It’s just perfect for all of your raw veggies. What kind of vegetables should you use for dip? Carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumber slices, broccoli florets, sweet peppers, radish, cherry tomatoes … Serve vegan mayo in the center of a large serving tray with cut/sliced vegetables of your choice.

Salty bites

Very special food you don’t find in supermarkets like Tuscan artichokes in oil. Place them as they are in a serving plate, and nuts. 

To finish

Don’t forget fresh fruit (grapes, melon, strawberries, apples), bread and breadisticks. 

As a dessert a nice cup of coffee with stroopwafels. Fill the mugs of your guests with piping hot coffee, place one stroopwafel over the top of each mug and leave it for a few minutes until it softens up. The gentle heat from a hot cup of coffee warms the stroopwafel to perfection, softening it.

Happy hour!

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